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With HCTLinked, we will be with you in the growth and development of your organization.

HCTLinked is controlled by a team of professional recruiters and HR experts to provide trained, interviewed and qualified talent to national and international companies in Iran.

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HCTlinked helps to improve the hiring process of organizations, introduce suitable job opportunities, and help to grow and develop the position of human resources in the country

A world that is constantly changing needs experts.

Accurate assessment

While compiling and writing resumes, we adapt job positions with people resume and evaluate them.

Compare job positions

Multilateral comparison of different job positions with resume sent by job seekers.

Satisfying the job seekers and employers

We try to achieve ideal job for job seekers as well as the satisfaction of organizations and companies of introduced managers.


Why employing professional HR is important?

Today’s world is unpredictable than ever and the only way to face it is a combination of skills, experience and knowledge. In this situation, every business needs experts that can solves challenges of current world in order to grow and develop its complex.


Advice on salary and wages

Evaluation and expert review of people

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To improve work activity and professional activities of personnel

Professional evaluation and review of individuals.

For recruiting and employing managers

Salary advice

For growth and development of human resources position

Offering suitable job opportunities

To achieve your goal in the field of human resources

Helping organizations

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In HCTLinked, we love what we do. We do it with enthusiasm.