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HCTLinked complex was established with the aim of attracting and employing professional managers for companies and organizations.
In the first year of its work, this company was able to cooperate with significant number of businesses in the field of recruitment. In recent years, this company has been able to attract the trust of many reputable companies in the field of Head Hunt and carry out the actions and processes related to then recruitment and employment of qualified human resources for them. HCTLinked has been proud to introduce many professionals at Managers Director, CEO levels to various organizations in order to increase productivity and meet business needs. Also, forming the management structure of organization, including Board members, CEO, Vic presidents and senior managers, is among other activities of HCTLinked.

Our vision

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.


Years of experience

Global staff

We started our activity in international dimensions and we managed to attract international employers for job positions in companies in other countries.

Success in big projects

This year our team succeeded in Head Hunt and arrangement of job positions for big Iranian companies.

Start the work of professional evaluation team

In order to improve the work processes and professional activities of the personnel of organizations and companies, we have started comprehensive consultations on various assessments. The process of doing this work is carried out by the expert team using accurate tests and experiments.

Getting started with HCTLINKED

HCTLinked company was established in 2015.