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HCTLinked : Questions and answers about our company

HCTLinked Help Center

We tried to answer your frequently asked questions

It’s our duty to review the sent resume as soon as possible.
At this stage after sending resume and receiving it by our experts, an email will be sent as appreciation and trust and doing other stages.
Now, after review at any time interval according to resume in HCTLinked resume bank, users are contacted by phone call, E-mail or sending message.

No, according to agreement between companies and organizations with us, HCTLinked can handle all the steps of recruiting and employing.
We can also conduct all the interviews and assessments that companies and organizations need to employ professional human resources with the best quality and least amount of errors.
In the addition, we can separating design the company’s employment evaluation system.

Companies and organizations can see our page on every HCTLinked social media and wait for our call after sending their number.
Do we have to pay fee for sending resume to HCTLinked?
No, no fee is taken from individuals for sending their resumes. Review, reading and introducing people to businesses is free.
How can we improve our resume and skill?
In the near future HCTLinked plans to hold courses for job seeker to improve their skills in various fields in new educational space. Also, in the blog section, educational tips are prepared and edited by HCTLinked s team of writers to improve the quality of submitted resumes.

Considering that our strategic team has a brilliant history in attracting and employing human resources in the field of Iranian businesses. And during this period, it has had a good relation with more than…………Iranian companies. Now our complex has become a successful brand in selecting high level managers for companies and organizations. It worth mentioning HCTLinked is able to make promise to high level companies in the country that a professional team choose the best and high qualified managers for them.

In the first step, we should say that the trust of many users and job seekers in Iran is the biggest asset for our team. And this truth is an honor for us. But in response to this question we should say that HCTLinked has defined selection of competent managers for businesses as its first mission. Undoubtedly, we are at the beginning of the way. But in accordance with needs of society in near future, we will introduce successful and diligent people to top companies at all levels.

To send your resume to HCTLinked, just fill out the form placed in the resume sending section and send your resume to be placed in the HCTLinked bank. If a gob advertisement is published, our colleagues will check the resumes related to the category and send the most suitable one to the employers. You can send your resumes for the advertisement through the HCTLinked network or website.

HCTLlinked consider it as its duty to review resume as soon as possible. In this stage, after sending resumes and receiving it by our experts, an e-mail as appreciation and doing other stages will be sent to the users.
Now, if you get necessary point, you will be connected by email, phone call or message according to the resume in the HCTLinked database.

The activities of HCTLinked are carried out in several sections. But in general, the HCTLinked activities can be divided in two parts.

HCTLinked services for the companies and organizations.

  • Presenting peoples professional resumes bank to companies and organizations.
  • Head hinting for internal and external companies.
  • Design and management of the payroll system of organizations.
  • Professional evaluation and review of people for the growth and development of human resources.
  • Complete recruitment process for various industries
  • Selection of the board directors, vice president, and senior manager of companies.

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